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Working out at home has its obvious benefits. An average gym could cost you nearly 300$ every year. It can incur excessive travel times or time restrictions. Having a home gym provides you the ability to Workout any time, any way you want without having to worry about the availability of the gym or equipment.

Though the home gym has its merits, you need to make sure that you buy the right and the optimal number of equipment considering the budget and space limitations. So considering a budget of 200$, here are all the equipment you would need to have a perfect workout. If you don't mind using used items most of these items can be found on second hand stores online stores, which can cut down your expenditure significantly. Also make sure you buy quality item so that it last as long as possible.

  1. Pull up tower with dip bar: This equipment is the most important part of home gym. With a pull dip tower you can perform exercises such as pull ups, dips, inclined and declined push ups. You can also hang resistance bands and perform several other exercises. However if you have space restrictions, other portable version of the pull up tower should be available in Amazon or your nearly Sports store.

    Average Cost of Equipment: 70$

  2. Loadable dumbells & an old back pack: Dumbells are extremely versatile provided you can increase or decrease weights. So opt for two loadable dumbells like in the image below, this way you can make sure that as you progress you can buy heavier plates and use accordingly. The plates from dumbells can also be used with a used back pack for weighted exercises such as weighted pull ups, squats etc.

    Average Cost of Equipment: 60$

  3. Set of 5 resistance bands: Resistance bands are a must for a home gym. They are portable hence you can carry them with you when you are travelling. You can also use these with the pull up tower and perform a ton of exercises. For versatility make sure you buy a set of 4 or 5 resistance bands. Also make sure you buy quality bands, as cheaper bands tend to loose their resistance faster with time.

    Average Cost of Equipment: 30$

  4. Workout Bench: A workout bench may not be an absolute necessity for everyone. It can also be used for numberous dumbell workouts. Even if you have a normal lightweight bench at home, it must work perfectly fine for you. However if you don't have one make sure you buy a sturdy enough workout bench.

    Average Cost of Equipment: 40$

  5. Mat & Skipping Rope: Skipping rope is perfect for cardio and warmup, its good for your joints & also helps you in warming up quickly. A workout mat is useful at times when you want to keep your sweat off the floor or for cushioning you body while performing floor workouts. Both of these items should cost you very less money.

    Average Cost of Equipment: 15$